My name is Valentini Maria Rita, my origins are in this village. My dad and my grandparents in

the 50s, just after the war, have decided to purchase properties from the Antonelli family of

Sensati, a very wealthy family that had many possessions here in the valley. My father my

grandfather and uncle with their respective families they lived together, they needed

to find new spaces to live and to let their future children live, as many villagers do, they saw

their going away in the city, or in more comfortable places lives. Many villagers emigrated

to France or Germany or other countries with which post-war Italy had entered into

agreements, and others, who had the possibilities, decided to move
their own families in places closer to services.

The white stone house of Assisi is from the 1700s, before the renovation, which took place
after the earthquake of 1979, it was a tower on three levels, then a plan was lowered and
cubed in width, to allow a different structure of the House.

Access is via the stairs, on the first floor, we find an entrance hall,
a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room.

Going up to the second floor we find the two bedrooms and a bathroom.
In the house there is a fireplace, which is used both for heating in winter and for cooking,
as it is open. Moreover, it also helps in heating.

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